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4th Quarter

4th Quarter

This is my first year teaching in Baltimore City.  I’ve had some good days, and I’ve had some bad days. I always try to keep things in perspective even with my challenges.

Our school, like most schools are in the 4th Quarter.  As I write this post  we have 7 weeks left in our school year.  The school year has gone by quickly for me, but my students can’t wait until summer break.

In life the 4th quarter of any game or school year is pivotal. Some people play catch up because they didn’t take the first three quarters seriously and some people are consistent and finish strong.  I will never forget  June 1, 1994 when Reggie Miller scored 25 points in the 4th quarter  to lead the Indiana Pacers to a victory over the New York Knicks.

I recently encouraged my students to finish strong. I shared my personal school story where took me 10 years on and off to finish undergrad.  I started college with a 1.95 GPA and finished with a 3.35.

How are you going to finish what you have started and finish strong?



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  1. Ministergraham

    Chip…. Love the write up. I know that I am not in any of your classes. I learned one thing about the phrase “Finish Strong”….preaching…is another place where that can be applied. I am a little Salty about Reggie Miller. But it’s kool.

  2. Cleverlychanging

    Very encouraging. How did you learn what you wanted to get your degree in?

    1. After working multiple jobs, I ended up working for Kinkos (FedEx Office now) and found my tech passion. I went back to get my degree in Mass Communication. Only through trial and many errors I was able to find my passion.