Attitude Reflects Leadership

By Chip Dizárd | Commentary

Nov 11

I am starting to write on a new category– this is a break from the traditional posts on my blog. I will be writing about Leadership.

In my opinion, organizational leadership one of the keys to the success of our country and our future.  I was surfing the web and came across a video clip from the movie, Remember the Titans, in the clip the white and black players are at a crossroads–they are on the same team, but are not playing together.  It is a classic adaptation of attitude reflects leadership or top down leadership.  It is amazing to see organizations change toward  the attitude of the leader.


This is the first in a  series of posts as I explore the topic of leadership.


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Chip is a video professional, author, speaker and apple certified trainer. You can find him directing the live stream at his church or conducting online video training at Web Video Chefs

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