Chip Dizárd

Church Media and Technology Expert

Compressor preset for DSLR cameras

This is probably the last video tutorial I will do for 2009 and I have done many of them this year.   By far, the most popular is the Flip Video Workflow. Some folks ask me why are you giving away your knowledge for free?  You should be like Izzy Video and charge for it.  Well, I do agree on some levels, but for now I can do tutorials at my leisure with no pressure. Let’s see what 2010 has in store , but until then, enjoy this and best of luck with your videos.

2 Replies

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  2. Jaime

    thak you so much for the tutorial, kind of fast but I guess I can always watch it over and over.. lol I have a Canon 7d and I did not know you have to compress the video before editing.. thank you.