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How to remove Facebook Apps that share your information

 Facebook Apps

I received  text message recently  from my sister asking me why I was listening to 2 Chainz? I barely knew who that rapper was and  I responded back promptly  I was not listening to him, but I let my student hold my cell phone to find music on Spotify for a class video project.  As you would have guessed, Spotify was attached to my Facebook account as an app and the music I played showed up on my news feed.  Many users have been embarrassed  recently by the app SocialCam app that posts videos they have watched unsuspectingly to their news feeds.

I recorded a short video tutorial on how to uninstall 3rd party apps on Facebook.

Even though it is very convenient to share content with Facebook friends within an app, be careful and read the details of the install, because some apps may post items that you view or read that you may not want others to know.

Is our social-media self who we really are? Or, simply who we wish we were/ who we want others to think we are? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Peggy Duncan

    Chip, On your video, you didn’t identify yourself, no Website, nothing. That’s fine when people view the video on your blog, but most will probably view it through a YouTube search. Be shameless and at least say your name, add a callout, or add a YouTube annotation.

    1. Thanks Peggy for the advice! Will do.