Life Begins at 40

By Chip Dizárd | Commentary

Mar 26

My former pastor, Fredrick Russell preached a sermon years ago, titled “Life Begins at 40.” When I heard this, I was in my early 30’s and I really didn’t take much notice until I recently turned 40 on March 23, 2012.

After reading all my Facebook/Twitter birthday wishes I went to my home office and thought about my life–mistakes and accomplishments.   Here are a few takeaways:

  1. In my twenties I attempted to find myself- I went to college, dropped out, moved from job to job, place to place without a real purpose.
  2. In my thirties-I established myself.  Many people I associate with today are the people who know me from this decade. I started successful businesses, established my career as a tech/media guru,  got married, had 3 kids (all girls) and bought a house with a white picket fence-well not white, but I do need to get my fence stained soon, but I digress.
  3. So far my forties have begun with a new career in education. And the realization that my parents and my wife’s parents may not be around to see me when I am 50.  These are harsh realities that make me take account of daily decisions. The decisions to work smarter and not harder, the decisions to say no to some projects and yes to others.  I have also dedicated myself to teaching others what I have learned and being a mentor and teacher.

I don’t know what the next decade will look like for me, but I know one thing for sure, I will have three teenage girls in my house so I will be a very busy dad.  If life really begins at 40 like the sermon said, I’m about to be in for one wild ride.

At what age  does life really begin? Or does it begin when you find your purpose?



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Chip is a video professional, author, speaker and apple certified trainer. You can find him directing the live stream at his church or conducting online video training at Web Video Chefs

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