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My Drone Unboxing [Video]


It’s funny that I created my first unboxing video and the comments are flying, not about my video, but what I chose to call my flying apparatus—drone.  (View the YouTube comments here) It’s very interesting on how comments …

Lack of Diversity in Silicon Valley [NPR Interview]

Silicon Valley

I had the opportunity to be a guest on NPR’s The Anthony McCarthy show where we discussed the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley. In the interview I talk about the reasons why I feel there is a lack of …

Eboni Green and The Digital Great Commission [Podcast]


Eboni Green has traveled internationally creating media for brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Home Depot that has captured the attention of more than 40 million viewers. She has been invited to speak on the effective use of media at Duke …

Divorced Not Defeated Camille Ditele [Podcast]

Camille Ditele

Divorce is something that has affected many people, statistics show that approximately 50% of all American marriages end in divorce. Many people (men and women) feel like a failure after a divorce. In this episode I speak with Camille Ditele, …

Monday Musings-August 18th

Photo Aug 17, 12 07 53 PM

This is my second edition of Monday Musings. I had a fairly busy weekend in church tech. I’m in post production mode on a few projects at my church that I need to finish this weekend, but I should be …

7 Reasons I Chose the Tribe WordPress Theme [Video]

7 Reasons I Chose

People often ask me when they want  to create a web site what platform should they choose? I often recommend  a self-hosted WordPress web site. In the video below I share  7 reasons why I decided to change my …

Carolyn Clement and Social Media Sunday [Podcast]

Carolyn Clement

In this episode I talk with Carolyn Clement and the ways she manages social media in her local church. We also talk about Social Media Sunday, which is an event that is held the last Sunday in June  …