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“Chip thank you for all you give to add value to people’s lives! It’s because of your webinar Podcasting for Pastors (and no not a pastor) we learned so much to get our podcast off on the right track! Keep adding value!” —Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan of the House Call with Dr. Mac Podcast

Inspired Mobility: Google Hangout [Video]

Inspired Mobility Hangout

AT & T Inspired Mobility is a national program that highlights how people use mobile technologies to enhance their faith and personal lives. Whether it’s taking selfies in church, tweeting out quotes while in your worship service or sharing inspirational …

People you Know the Least Can Help you the Most [Video]

People You know

I was inspired to film this based on a recent podcast with Mark Sieverkropp. It’s amazing how people we don’t really know can help us more in life and business.

What are your thoughts about my video? Share in the …

The Resource Broker— Sarah K. Asaftei [Podcast]

Sarah K. Asaftei

Sarah K. Asaftei is a Resource Broker, Producer, Director and Chief Imagintor @ skaMedia Productions  & Films, Inc. What’s a resource broker? How do you introduce yourself when you do a little bit of everything? Do women need to do their …

7 Trends and Tech Tools That Churches Need to Master


Technology trends come and go, but in 2014 and going beyond I feel if you master these trends you will be ahead of the curve.  I recently conducted a webinar with Rich Dubose on this topic.

Social Media and the Church with Meredith Gould [Podcast]

Meredith Gould

Meredith Gould, PhD  is a sociologist, author and longtime communications professional. An early adopter of social media, she’s known for being an evangelist for using digital tools for ministry.

Meredith is founder of the weekly Twitter-based #ChSocM (church social media)

A Church With No Tech Volunteers

Screenshot 2014-07-21 12.19.02

I had the opportunity to write, direct and star in a video for church tech volunteers.  I have a passion for them because I am one of them.   Just imagine a church without any technology.  Yeah, I couldn’t either.…

Intentional Networking with Mark Sieverkropp [Podcast]


Mark is an author, speaker and intentional networker. I met Mark via an email introduction and he shares his method for follow up with new acquaintances and his method for networking.

Click here to download the show notes. (PDF)…