Homeless in Baltimore

Recently, I was taking photos on an engagement session at Penn Station in Baltimore, Maryland and a gentleman caught my attention. He didn't ask for money he was quiet and was walking by, I stopped spoke him and got his story.  His name was Leroy and you can read a little bit about him below.  I had no intention of taking his photo or even talking long but the more he talked, the more I listened. 

This is a personal passion project to discover the stories behind the faces of the homeless in Baltimore. An estimated 600 people sleep on Baltimore streets on a typical night, and thousands lack stable housing. On the coldest of winter days, more than 1,000 shelter beds are available. Source Baltimore Sun



Michael. He working all way up until last summer. He got laid off and made some bad choices earlier in life and now it's hard for him to land a job.  He's from Florida and needs to get his birth certificate  to get a Maryland ID.


Leroy. That’s his name. He is tired and yes he asked me for money but in his hand he had some belongings. He told me life has been hard and he just wants to get back on the right track.  


Bruce. On the corner of Charles and Saratoga in Baltimore. 
Of course I gave him cash and then he asked me to get him a coke because 7-11 won’t allow him inside. Bruce is from California he has made his way to Baltimore. He sleeps most days on the street and uses the steam from the sewer to stay warm. 

All images are taken by Chip Dizard Copyright 2018 Chip Dizard Studios

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