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Why You Should Upload Short Ministry Videos Directly to Facebook

Pastor Bron Jacobs

I wasn’t a big fan of Facebook video until recently. Now I feel that I am their chief video marketing officer. For ministries, uploading short videos that capture viewers attention is critical in our attention economy.

In this short Facebook …

I’ve Changed and I’m O.K. with that

How to be Yourself

I stayed up late waiting for Eddie Murphy to make his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary. He hasn’t returned to the show in 30 years and the expectations where very high. What would he do? Buckwheat? Mr.

Can one networking event really help you?

Can one event help you?

Can one networking event really help you?

The short answer is no.  That’s right, no.  I had this question posed to me via FB inbox. Then I posted this graphic below about me growing my wedding videography business 35% and …

APP 049 : Nikki Miller of Mae B. Films

Mae B Films

Nikki Miller is a entrepreneur and wedding cinematographer based out of New York.  I met Nikki through Munaluchi Bride Coterie which is a group of  wedding professionals across the US and internationally. And since we do similar work I wanted …

Home Studio Set up with Pastor Paul Graham [Video]

Pastor Paul Graham

Home studios are now more affordable than ever. I had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at Pastor Paul Graham’s home studio. It’s unique because he films a show monthly where he needs call-ins, graphics, and more. …

2014 and The Year of Survivor’s Remorse


There’s a show I watch on Starz called “Survior’s Remorse” it’s one of the stereotypical stories we’ve seen and heard many times—a poor black kid who plays basketball and lands a huge contract and becomes instantly rich. The story line kept me interested …

3 Questions to Ask Yourself in the New Year


It’s that time of year once again, where we get reflective and think about the ways we made the year great or not-so-great.  Either way, it’s a good time to pause, reflect and think about what’s next in the new …