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“Chip thank you for all you give to add value to people’s lives! It’s because of your webinar Podcasting for Pastors (and no not a pastor) we learned so much to get our podcast off on the right track! Keep adding value!” —Dr. LaKeischa W. McMillan of the House Call with Dr. Mac Podcast

How to stop leaving money on the table at Events

Behind the Scenes

I’ve filmed many events and have made many mistakes by leaving money on the table. As a creative business owner you have to not only do a good job capturing the event. In this periscope episode I share some practical …

Church Video Announcements Made Easy [Webinar]

Church Video Announcenets

Church video announcements are a good way to share what is going on in your church in a quick way.  In this webinar I share how I created and implemented the video announcement system for my church using a hybrid  …

How I use Teamviewer to Access Church Computers

Team Viewer

If you are like me, you can’t always get to the church to complete a task.  I live at least 45 minutes (one way) away from my church and I’m always needing to upload and download files from the computer.  …

Oh, Baltimore —A Documentary Film

Oh Baltimore

I’ve always had a passion for documentaries, but I’ve never found the right project until now. I am proud to announce my first (of many) documentary projects from my production company.…

Snapchat 101


Snapchat is a fast and fun way to have a mobile conversation. Users can share videos, images, text and draw images and right now, it is very popular with teens right now. It’s quick and fast and the messages videos …

Why You Should Upload Short Ministry Videos Directly to Facebook

Pastor Bron Jacobs

I wasn’t a big fan of Facebook video until recently. Now I feel that I am their chief video marketing officer. For ministries, uploading short videos that capture viewers attention is critical in our attention economy.

In this short Facebook …

I’ve Changed and I’m O.K. with that

How to be Yourself

I stayed up late waiting for Eddie Murphy to make his triumphant return to Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary. He hasn’t returned to the show in 30 years and the expectations where very high. What would he do? Buckwheat? Mr.